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SuttonPark has become a national leader in structured settlement and lottery prize payments by way of originators of wholesale, forward purchase agreements and portfolio acquisitions.


SuttonPark completes a thorough underwriting of all structured settlements and lottery assignment transactions prior to purchase. SuttonPark’s underwriting goals are to identify and avoid fraudulent transactions or receivable purchases that may be subject to legal challenge. SuttonPark underwrites all files to a standard set of guidelines.


The rated receivables are pooled and securitized by utilizing asset-backed commercial paper vehicles. These pools of receivables are rated by various rating agencies, such as Standards and Poors. Unrated pools of receivables are purchased by private investors.


SuttonPark’s Servicing Department is an industry best. We provide a multitude of services. Just a few are we protect our Investors interest by being proactive in receiving and posting of Checks and Wires received for our Investors benefit along with outstanding Customer Service with respect to the remittance of funds to individuals as needed. Our Servicing workforce has a combined 55 years in the industry. As of April 2018, SuttonPark serviced over 15,300 structured settlement and lottery receivables encompassing over 1,000,000 future payments.


SuttonPark purchases lottery and structured settlement receivables through a number of different bespoke purchasing structures. All receivables are underwritten and approved by SuttonPark senior management prior to the acquisition from an originator, providing an extra layer of protection for an institutional counterparty.